The Face is an Obsession

Kenzo iPhone covers were one of the topics of discussion today at lunch- I know, not a very profound topic, but since I’ll be flying to NY in a couple of days, it i best to know what small gifts my friends would like best. While talking to them, I just started to list all of the objects, whether clothes, accessories or shoes, that I own with the eye designed on it. It was quite amusing to look at their rather shocked faces… i can imagine them thinking “ok.. we’ve lost her…there must be something wrong with Marti”. Frankly, I’ve come to a reasonable conclusion: there is no reasonable conclusion. It must be a phase. But then again a pretty long phase to be honest. I am in love with eyes in very literal and figurative meaning of the word: who couldn’t be- “eyes are the window to the soul”. Anyway, this will not only be about eyes: we’re up to reach a whole new level- it’s the eyes and the LIPS together! Saint Laurent SS2014 has the perfect lips, Kenzo has the perfect eyes, and Delfina Delettrez has the perfect both.


My Kenzo loves.


Saint Laurent SS 2014

DSC_0303DSC_0311003_d96b1b24-70db-4b03-9101-20f079162fe4DSC_0322saint-laurent-rtw-ss2014-backstage-05_195350607552.jpg_carousel_parties DSC_0308045_a73891f8-58e4-44f5-863f-6127514ff1adDSC_0307 045_90a43a40-0127-4603-89f3-98dd6c136d88


Delfina Delettrez

045_1a8cd177-f202-45df-b391-b7c825d32e07 003_2341c139-98cc-43eb-ae0c-a40756547eef DSC_0313045_c9b7a0d2-4812-4316-87f8-9c138dde90c3003_4f1877aa-69d9-45e9-a1b9-2fa152ea5d1f


Maxxi-Mize My Day

foto 4 The national museum of the 21st Century Art: the Maxxi. The Maxxi is indeed a form of art itself; its architectural structure is unbelievable: tunnels that funnel light to whole rooms and labyrinths of stairs and corridors to explore exhibition by exhibition. The concept of art here is not the beauty and perfection of its figure, yet the crude and perhaps harsh conceptual reality behind each photograph, sculpture , canvas or installation. A friend and I decided to go to the Maxxi museum yesterday afternoon. There is no concrete reason why we decided to go there, just a strong drive to  go visit something new. And we were not disappointed. There was a lot to reflect upon, a lot to think about. The Maxxi, maximized my day and I could not have been happier.  foto 3 copia 4 foto 2 copia 2 foto 2

foto 3 copia 2

I was wearing Jbrand jeans, Givenchy pandora bag, Bershka blazer and fur gilet.

foto 3-2 foto 5 copia 4 foto 2-2 foto 5 copia 3foto 5 foto 1 foto 1-2 foto 4 copia 2 foto 3 copia 3

foto 2 copia

But first, let us take a #selfie

foto 4 copia 4 foto 2 copia 3 foto 3 foto 1 copia foto 1 copia 2 foto 4 copia foto 5 copia 2 foto 3 copia



Getting Ready

Some of you lucky people already have had, or are currently on spring break. I unfortunately still have two weeks of intense studying to go… However, eating like its the 25th of December is now out of the question. Most importantly, because I am going to the Bahamas and New York in two weeks (can’t wait!). Secondly summer is just around the corner. Healthy is just what I need. No drastic diet. No killer training. Just healthy, balanced lifestyle. Here are a couple of my favorite healthy foods and drinks:

1. Fruit smoothies are the perfect drink (without milk) . More so, carrot and apple smoothies, perfect to prepare your skin for intense tanning (I know it doesn’t sound as good, but believe me it’s delicious):


At Ciampini in Rome


2. Water, ginger and lemon (helps for digestion and purifies the skin)

acqua-e-limone-al-mattino acqua-calda-e-limone1-300x336

3. Blueberries: are antioxidant



4. Cous Cous with cooked vegetables (carrots, zucchini, eggplant ecc.) : the perfect carbohydrate for your diet with much less calories than pasta or rice.


5. Fennel (has anti-bloating properties) , olive and orange salad


6. Check out Rossella Catapano‘s instagram for some of her super-healthy #foodporn adorned with her jewelry! I also got inspired by her plates, and here are some of my favorites:

foto 5

Coffe, tepid water with lemon, corn cakes, almonds and chocolate with nuts

foto 4


foto 1

Cuttlefish, black rice, carrots, red beets and zucchini

foto 3

Dates, walnuts, green tea, pomegranate and dark chocolate

foto 2

Pink grapefruit, rice cakes, bananas and cereal





Who wants to be the covergirl girl for the coolest fashion magazine of the moment? I want to! And, I think I can answer for almost all of you. Yes, we all do. Then, why not?  As you might have noticed on Instagram Porter magazine has been issuing a challenge for twice now: download the app “I am Porter”, and issue by issue, create a cover of Porter magazine, as you wish.

Here are my two Porter covers so far, one for each issue:

foto 2

My mom, the covergirl

foto 1

In honor of Lady Gaga’s ArtPop issue out on Friday the 4th


Green Green Everywhere



“Green is the color of balance and growth. It can mean self-reliance. It also means learning and harmony. Green is a safe color. Grass green is the most restful color. It symbolizes self-respect and well-being”

Be it the weather, be it spring or be it for “growth”, “harmony” and “balance” that us teenagers are constantly trying to obtain, I have just realized that recently everything around me is green. From green grass, plants and tress, to green outfits and green bags. I am starting to get increasingly into using colors that add brightness to my looks, replacing the blacks and grays I’ve been using all winter long. Green is the new black.



Topshop sweater, Jbrand skinny leather coated pants, Loewe bag.



Outfit from Missoni event.


New vintage Gianfranco Ferre clutch



Wish list bag: M2Malletier



Ciao Karlito Fendi

c0537cc7tw1ee4nzusejrj20go0go40mAs soon as mini Karlito made its debut on the FW 2014 Fendi runway, we all knew he was going to be the star of the show. Confidently strutting  alongside Cara, I fell in love with the new version of the now viral Fendi Bag bug: the ‘mini’ fur reproduction of the iconic Karl Lagerfeld. “Mini”, yet, not so small, Karlito is almost longer than Cara’s head. He makes a statement and can stand by itself. There is no need to add him to a bag, even though, he looks very well on a 2jours. Since I am obsessed with these Fendi fur goodies, I already started to research a little about where and when he will be available in shops. I found out Karlito will need to be pre-ordered at Fendi with a cost of 1200 euros (aproximately), and available in three colors: pink (as seen on Cara), green and red-orange. Karlito has just become the ultimate and most desirable of all Fendi bag bugs.XMTtjbm1pX2Ntc3BpY3R1cmU7aW1hZ2U7aWQ7NDk3NzE__W456H666R15BTRANSP___e58e8c89 Fendi-Buggie-Bag-Boy-Karlito-2-e1393272216877 un-omaggio-che-e-piaciuto-molto-a-kaiser-karl Fendi - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014BhAbKuiIMAAKIKd W6vHW5hR1ESHiJqg BhkqkamCQAAbZT8.jpg-medium Cara-Delevingne-Karl-Lagerfeld-Fendi-Bag-Boy-Karlito-Milano-Fashion-Week sfilata-fendi-donna-ai-2014-15--look-1-150841_0x410 img-holdingfendibeauty_094733355617.jpg_article_singleimage


Not a Colorless Night

martina montanari Lately there have been quite a few spring summer 2014 collection presentations here in Rome, and tonight, was in honor of Missoni. Missoni, with it’s colors, prints and geometrical shapes has inspired my outfit tonight. The dress (stolen goodie form my mother’s wardrobe), matched perfectly with the high belt with whom I experienced love at first sight. Tonight was not a colorless night, which reminds me that today was the first day of spring!! I selected the spider web bracelet, snake earrings and colorful dress to set my mood for this new season (hoping that my pollen allergy doesn’t get the best of me).

ps: I am still wearing my stockings, I know, but it’s always quite a shock to get rid of them at first, and plus, tonight was warm, but let’s not dare to much and risk a ‘first seasonal fever.’DSC_0308 foto 3 copia DSC_0311 foto 2 DSC_0319 DSC_0325 DSC_0305 foto 4 DSC_0310foto 1foto 1 copiaDSC_0315DSC_0301foto 2 copiaDSC_0304foto 5DSC_0326foto 4 copiaDSC_0320foto 5 copiaDSC_0307foto 3DSC_0316

Dress: Missoni

Belt and bag: Fendi

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Earrings: Marta Paolillo & Bracelet: Bernard Delettrez


So Blue

DSC_0027 When the dress code is casual chic, I always tend to have some problems… is it more causal or more chic? How do you balance the two? I tried to mix… a simple semi-casual Topshop dress with a very very chic vintage Valentino pailettes jacket. Matching Fendi baguette, Stuart Weitzman heels and Marta Paolillo snake bracelet to wrap up the outfit. Bright, shiny black and bold electric blue, love the mixture.


Marta Paolillo stingray snake bracelet


Valentino jacket

Valentino jacket



martina montanari selfie

Usual #selfie


Dior Spring Summer 2014 Presentation

dior ss 2014 Yesterday was the time for the presentation of the Dior spring summer 2014 collection by Raf Simons here in Rome. As usual a chic cocktail was planned inside the beautiful two floor Dior boutique and models walked around wearing the best looks from the SS 2014 runway. I can never say enough just how Dior is  one of the most elegant brands on the planet, and, with Simons, it has definitely stepped up. Dior jewelry pieces are to-die-for: last season it was all about tribal earrings, while this season, well, the necklaces speak for themselves. I am also completely in love with the man-like shirt/dress with a deep opening on the back, the cropped tailored black blazer along with the blazer-dress and the multitude of bright, lively, spring-mood colors. In fact, flowers were big on the Dior SS 2014 runway.

dior ss 2014 2

My favorite necklace



dior ss 2014 3

Shirt/dress is amongst favorites.

martina montanari dior ss 2014

For the event I was wearing: Lady Dior bag, Zara skirt, Prada shoes, Dior Tribal pearl earrings.

dior and prada dior ss 2014 4 dior ss 2014 jewelry dior ss 2014 5dior ss 2014 6 dior ss 2014 7 dior ss 2014 8IMG_1647IMG_1597IMG_1657IMG_1682dior ss 2014 10dior ss 2014 11IMG_1590IMG_1653


Cropped blazer is amongst favorites.

IMG_1670IMG_1684IMG_1661IMG_1677 IMG_1606 IMG_1627IMG_1646 IMG_1679 IMG_1663 IMG_1680 IMG_1586 IMG_1620


Once Upon a Bag

Lately, I love bags that tell a story… Bags that have some sort of print on them; words, symbols, faces, animals, eyes ecc. Prada has literally transformed every bag into a canvas: digitalized faces of women combined with bright colors. Once more Fendi has proposed bug eyes almost everywhere, Charlotte Olympia has gone with lips and Givenchy with Bambi’s. I have also seen bags shaped like books (Kate Spade’s clutch above left)… and a lot more rocked during fashion week street style.020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_298 020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_290 020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_167 eye-clutch-fashion-week-streetstyle BAF156_MODE_ACCESS-dragged-8 020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_358 wpid-DSC05193 020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_185 020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_313 af9ff1e7e468c3d1b14fd9d7ce44672a prada-face-mural-tote-bag-for-ss14-best-designer-handbags-for-spring-summer-2014-womans-face-printed-handbag
Buy the bags: