He for She takes PFW


And yes, I am talking about the Chanel SS 2015 fashion show. Just last week, I found myself spending about 15 minutes listening to Emma Watson’s UN speech as the ambassador of a new campaign promoting gender equality, which honestly struck me. Then, I remembered that I am actually writing my 4,000 word essay for school in French about the role the fashion world played in the acquisition of gender equality in France in the 1900s. I am really into the topic lately and, when just two days ago, a legitimate fashion revolution took place on “Boulevard Chanel” where models hit the road strictly wearing head-to-toe Chanel and holding banners and slogans, I was confirmed that gender equality is a topic that is earning quite a great deal of attention lately. Well, the fact that the “He for She” UN campaign  is promoted by Mr. Lagerfeld is quite a biggie- and I felt part of it, in my own way, through my hard-to-write-4000 word essay… And can’t wait to get my hands on one of those mini activist Chanel bags!_A2X1749 _A2X1522emma-watson-he-for-she-speech-2_A2X0709 CHA_0792 _A2X0946 tumblr_ncatseWfPR1scy2uko1_1280_A2X1776 _A2X0889 _A2X1762emma-watson-he-for-she-speech-1


Jeudi chez Chanel

FullSizeRender-2 A cute little cocktail at the Chanel boutique in Via de Babuino here in Rome. Here is a glimpse of what was going on tonight, red atmosphere, cocktails and background Dj set. Such a pleasant time to spend surrounded by this elegant ambience, and by the shop windows displaying one of my favorite Chanel collections: the F/W 2014 ready-to-wear.

FullSizeRender-4 image1 FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender


Lulu’s Jewelry Tattoos

FullSizeRender-20  What if gold/silver tattoos were finally on the market? What if, you wouldn’t have to worry about the permanence of a tattoo and just have fun applying a ton on you? For the last summer days,  gold or silver tattoos are my new favorite thing. Lulu DK, a New York based brand sells skin applications that last about 5 days (I tried them) in gold and silver. I am a hopeless tattoo addict and jewelry stacker, and I found Lulu DK’s designs as an innovative way to mix my two favorite “accessories”, if you may, together.

FullSizeRender-18 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-7 tumblr_n7ep92IKwo1s73jo7o1_500 untitled-937-682x1024 Lulu-DK-Temporary-Jewelry-Tattoos-Legs-Designed-for-Living-400x600 FullSizeRender-12 FullSizeRender-3 3luludk-1267a FullSizeRender-15 FullSizeRender-13 FullSizeRender-8 Lulu-DK-Jewelry-Tattoo-Packs untitled-1222 gold-removable-tattoo-LULU-DK Lulu-DK-Temporary-Tattoos-Back-Designed-for-Living-418x600 FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-14 FullSizeRender-19 FullSizeRender-11 FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-9 -ℳ

GoPro or GoHome

IMG_1250 This summer was all about beautiful panoramas, selfies and just a pinch of sport. Nothing better than the new, addicting must-have GoPro camera to picture the best moments. The GoPro has just become the ultimate new gadget everyone wants to have, and I must say, it is well worth buying. I am usually not a big fan of underwater or mini cameras because I always get the feeling that I would never be using anything except my phone to take pictures. I was surprised by how much I got addicted to this cute little camera. If anything, it takes awesome pictures, it is so small it can easily fit in the palm of your hand, it has a wifi that connects and downloads the pictures/videos you have just taken onto your cell phone, it is indestructible no matter what (which for a clumsy person like me, it is more than useful), it can go underwater, and, last but definitely not least, it shoots epic selfies. Here are some of my favorite summer GoPro shots from Sardinia, Cortina, London and Panarea.

IMG_1717 GOPR0013 IMG_1208 GOPR0055 IMG_0853 gopro IMG_0862 IMG_1210 GOPR0084 IMG_1248 GOPR0070 IMG_1676 IMG_0971 IMG_1361 IMG_1718 IMG_0850 IMG_0974 IMG_1684 DCIM100GOPRO IMG_1244 IMG_1247 DCIM100GOPRO GOPR0071 ciao -ℳ

Suit and Sneakers

IMG_8673 A quick throwback to the beginning of summer when I was in London for the CSM short course. Actually, the outfit I was wearing was inspired by the Rude Boy exhibition I have wrote about in my previous post. London’s vibe made me want to suit up and dress down mixing sneakers and a tailored jacket. What can I say… I am starting to get a little nostalgic with my early summer days. Who else is craving for an endless summer?

IMG_8650 IMG_8662 IMG_8632 IMG_8656 IMG_8653 IMG_8676 IMG_8658 IMG_8651 IMG_8677

I was wearing: Topshop jacket, Adidas sneakers, Jbrand jeans, Uniqlo shirt, Goyard bag, Miu Miu sunglasses and Dior tribal earrings.



The Return of the Rudeboy

IMG_8410 Ever since the course at CSM and the visit to this amazing photography exhibition “The Return of the Rudeboy” by Dean Chalkley at Somerset house, I have started to be more and more interested in menswear fashion and style. I have always seen men dressed amazingly during mfw, but I honestly never paid that much attention to them. I was totally wrong. Taking inspiration from menswear for outfits has just become my favorite thing. Blazers, suits, shirts, shoes, I just love everything, but mostly I love the way in which, the Rudeboy exhibition juxtaposed classic and elegant elements to street ones. Take  look at a couple of pictures I took of the exhibition! IMG_8414 IMG_8417 IMG_8413 IMG_8422 IMG_8465 IMG_8433 IMG_8435 IMG_8448 IMG_8459 IMG_8421 IMG_8447 IMG_8441 IMG_8454 IMG_8462 IMG_8439 IMG_8431 IMG_8424 IMG_8419 IMG_8416 IMG_8411 IMG_8485 IMG_8409 IMG_8438 IMG_8460 IMG_8412 IMG_8449 IMG_8418 IMG_8430 IMG_8436 IMG_8434 IMG_8455 IMG_8456 IMG_8437 IMG_8450 IMG_8423 IMG_8425 IMG_8427 IMG_8451 IMG_8467 IMG_8461 IMG_8444 IMG_8403 -ℳ

A dream come true.

IMG_8934 My week studying at Central St. Martins is now over and it has been one of the best fashion learning experiences of my life. The whole of last week I have been attending the Fashion Styling course at the Granary square building in London where I have been busy making a fashion editorial with a group of five other girls. Initially it was quite hard to come up with outfits and ideas that we all liked, however in the end we worked as a team and had the best result!! I tried to do my best with my modeling…. haha, but anyway overall I am very proud of our first fashion editorial! Our theme was “Rude Girl/ Rude Boy”, which we renamed “Mandemulus”. Here are a couple of photos of my experience:

IMG_8207 IMG_8189 We were able to take advantage of the cam library: archives of all fashion magazines dating back to the 1800s! IMG_8392 IMG_8380 IMG_8393 IMG_8382 IMG_8533 IMG_8822 IMG_8819 IMG_8193 IMG_8196 IMG_8213 IMG_8250 IMG_8923 IMG_8192 IMG_8249 IMG_8544 IMG_8190 IMG_8815 IMG_8247  And here is the end product:IMG_8905 1_ copia DSC_0080_ copia 6_ copia 2_ copia 3_ copia 4-5_ copia DSC_0186_ copia DSC_0160_ copia

* Disclaimer: the cigarette was only a prop used for the photographs. No real smoking was taking place.


Camo Green


My day in Bologna: rain, dentist and shopping. The camo outfit definitely contributed to the whole idea of going to ‘war’, and, to a certain extent it was true. In was one very full day: from 9 am to 5pm, my mother and I were in Bologna on a mother-daughter errand day.We roamed around the center of Bologna until after lunch, checking out our favorite shop: Ratti, and some other cute places. Then, right after lunch, we went to the  usual monthly dentist appointment and after that, we were back in Rome. Despite the weather we had fun: both ready to face the rain with our camo green outfits. Camouflage is one print that can have many effects, make you look sporty, comfy and confident at the same time.

IMG_8025 IMG_8007 IMG_8006 IMG_8018


Dior new piercing

IMG_8014 IMG_7988 IMG_7986


Dior (top two)

IMG_8019 IMG_8010 IMG_7993  I was wearing:

Jacket: Veronica Toscano

Pants: JBrand

Bag: Celine

Shoes: Vagabond

Top: Hebe

My mom was wearing: Valentino shoes, Goyard bag, Armani jacket


Andy the Pop King

foto 2-5 After having been locked up studying in my room for about two weeks, it is finally time for my exams to be over. I think that the past two weeks have been amongst the longest two weeks of my life. As soon as I was free, my friends and I were finally able to visit the brand new Andy Warhol exhibition here in Rome at Palazzo Cipolla, the name of the place is ironically uninviting, subject of a few jokes on my side…. Anyway, jokes aside, the Warhol exhibition was spectacular, the juxtaposition of colors, shapes and silhouettes mind-blowing and the realization that most of what we love about art today is inspired by Warhol and his aesthetic enlightening. Warhol was the first one to enjoy  taking selflies, even before the word ‘selfie’ was coined, he was inspired by fashion, personal fears, God, death, consumerism and celebrities, and ultimately became the king of Pop and contemporary art. Here are a couple of pictures I was sneakily able to take, clearly not respecting the “you cannot take pictures” warning. The paintings, prints and photographs were just too beautiful, I absolutely could not resist taking a couple of shots.

foto 4-6 foto 2-6 foto 5-6 foto 3-4 foto 3-3 foto 4 foto 2-3foto 1-2 foto 1 foto 3-2 foto 4-5 foto 5-5 foto 5 foto 4-4 foto 1-6 foto 1-3 foto 2-2 foto 1-5 foto 5-2 foto 2-4 foto 3-5 foto 5-4 foto 1-7 foto 5-3 foto 2 foto 1-4 foto 3-6 foto 2-7 -ℳ


foto 3  It is never an easy task to find the perfect bikini: they are either too tight, too small, too big or too normal. Every body is different, and a bikini not only has the duty to be sexy enough, but also has the absolute obligation to improve and enhance your figure in some way. Well, when you finally find the perfect one, it’s the best feeling in the world.  You officially feel ready for the best season of all! This year I was lucky enough to find a new swimwear line that proved to be just right for me: I was able to find innovative shapes, fun prints and bright colors. Be sure to have a look at Amani Swimwear, you might just be as lucky as I was and find your new summer’s bikini.10296634_563796613731705_907440105385720782_n foto 5 IMG_3326 10306743_571767539601279_8451424653697969827_n 10256421_564457453665621_2422115690147922490_n IMG_3968IMG_321910364021_565803363531030_6219562668742244412_n10334362_561722497272450_8890746565971843904_n1972382_565797933531573_3112895887866668659_nIMG_3222foto 5 copiafoto 1foto 4IMG_322310172801_563800607064639_8088136735163975705_n10311050_561653850612648_6241860995153429385_n10178149_563812037063496_4967627693019590439_nfoto 210367167_563176880460345_6953785587696275702_nIMG_322010371510_559002374211129_265500605921591326_nfoto 4 copia10171164_561977687246931_1415160345362063427_nIMG_3224 Most pictures taken from @AmaniSwimwear instagram page.