New Year in Cortina

Happy New Year!! Sorry for publishing this post just now but unfortunately my Internet connection was very poor in Cortina. For Christmas Eve, I went to have dinner at my best friend’s house where her family always hosts amazing dinner parties for the new year. At midnight, after the spectacular fireworks we had at her house we went at a renowned disco in Cortina. Here are some pictures of my night and the outfit I chose to wear for the occasion. What did you do on New Year’s Eve?

new year martina montanari and friends

I was wearing: Zara embedded black romper, Stella McCartney black clutch, grey boots, Rolex watch and silver sequin cardigan.

dog swarovski purse

An extravagant Swarovski purse a woman was wearing at the dinner.

© All pictures taken by ℳ for The Style Saviour.

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